1955 Chevrolet


1955 Chevrolet


Make: Chevrolet

VIN: VB55N125630

Year: 1955

Color: Black

1955 Chevrolet Black

The 1955 Chevrolet (sometimes referred to as '55 Chevy) is an automobile that was made by Chevrolet in 1955. It is considered a huge turning point for the manufacturer and a major success. It was available in three models: the 150, 210, and Bel Air.

The '55 Chevy was the first successful Chevrolet with an optional V8 engine. In 1955, Chevrolet decided to fit its new car with an overhead valve V8 engine design, which was similar to the 1949 Oldsmobile "Rocket 88" V8 engine. The new 265-cubic-inch overhead valve V8 was designed to be smaller, lighter, and more powerful than previous V8s in the auto industry.

Fast forward to now and you will see this 1955 Chevrolet we have at Classic Vintage Exchange has a semi-truck load of performance and comfort items added to its gleaming black paint.

This 1955 Chevrolet is a great example of superior work and construction. The first thing you will notice is the paint scheme. Tastefully sprayed in all Black it has a sinister look about it.

Carefully considered details such as the one-piece front and rear bumpers contribute to setting the car apart from the pack, and the chrome 5-spoke mag wheels and blackwall tires give it just the right stance.

The Bowtie brigade will appreciate the much modified Chevy small-block V-8 residing under the smoothed hood. A showpiece all its own, it incorporates a serpentine belt drive system with billet aluminum pulleys to drive its power steering, alternator and air conditioning accessory drives, with tube headers feeding a dual exhaust with performance mufflers to deliver the kind of throaty rumble guaranteed to attract attention.

The 350 cubic Chevy Performance Crate Motor also has an aluminum intake, performance carb, headers, dual exhaust, dual electric fans, and an oversize radiator to give it more power and reliability. A 6-speed transmission with 4:56 gears add even more to the 55’s performance capabilities, and its once-minimalist accommodations have been traded for a handsome two-tone black/white bench-seat interior featuring a steering wheel, custom dash with performance gauges and controls.

This 55 Chevy we have at Classic Vintage Exchange was built to show and you cannot find a nicer 55 Chevy so come look at this one we have today.

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